Fergus Johnston (Ireland) - composer
Ivan Kerekovsky (Bulgaria) - pianist and composer
Michail Goleminov (Bulgaria) - composer and pianist

The "Prof. Marin Goleminov Composition Prize has been awarded
Hibiki Mukai (Japan)
for his work "TOKYO District 7" for piano and electronics

Following composers will receive Certificate of achievement:

Gerson de Sousa Batista (Portugal)
"DEREPENTE!" for solo violin and fixed media

Daria Baiocchi (Italy)
"CONNECTION" for clarinet in B

Jug Marković (Serbia)
"SUNCRAFT" for partially amplified viola

Massimo Lauricella (Italy)
"Agón" for cello

Luc Nieto (France)
"3 Regards Solitaires"
pour clarinette en Sib
d'après des tableaux de
Mondrian, Matisse et Miró

Shahriar Sharifpour (Iran/Belgium)
"Clarinette Solo"
pour clarinette en si bémol

The composition listed above will be performed within the framework
of the SONOGRAMS contemporary music festival Sofi in 2021 or 2022,
depending on the epidemic situation.