FOUR ETUDES for solo piano score
BLOW for solo flute score
CHAIN-WHEEL for cello, piano and electronics score
CONCERTO for two pianos in c minor score
TWO CONTEMPLATIONS for any kind and number of instruments (musical graphics) graphic score
COYOTE - version for bass clarinet score
DEJA-VU for soprano saxophone, violin and harpsichord score
FIVE O'CLOCK AT HEINER STADLER'S for violin, piano and electronics score
FLOATING METAL for solo piano score
FRITZ MY FIRE for solo piano (concert study, Friedrich Gulda in memoriam) score
FROZEN HIPOCRISY for two keyboards score
GALILEO for piano and electronics score
GLADIATOR for two percussion players and live electronics (optional) score
GRÄFIN MARIZA (after Imre Kalman) for solo piano score
HYPERKLAVIER for piano, electronics and live electronics score
ILLUSION VALLEY for two pianos and any kind of background score
IMPLICITLY for piano left hand score
INEVITABLE FLASHBACK for bass clarinet and electronics score
MAGRITTE - ETUDES for one or two pianos and video score
LIGHTWAVE II for large orchestra and electronics score
MAZE OF RAVINGS for any number of pianos score
NOTTURNO for solo piano score
PRELUDE AND FUGUE for piano and live electronics score
REVELATION for two pianos and electronics score
SUBWAY for double bass and electronics score
THE DOUBLE LIFE OF DR. SCHÖNBERG for alto saxophone and live electronics score
THREE MINIATURES (I - for violin, II - for alto, III - for violin) score (a performer playing both alto and violin required)
TUBES for solo clarinet score
LE VOYEUR for bass clarinet and electronics score
MORNING SONG OF THE GENETICALLY MODIFIED BIRDS for piano and live electronics score


for electronic tracks and live electronics software, please contact the composer